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Our product range includes a wide range of domestic wastewater disposal bacteria.

Domestic Wastewater Disposal bacteria

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Physical StatePowder
Packaging Size1 kg
Packaging TypeAluminium Foil
Ambient Temperature5 to 55

Minimum order quantity: 5 Kg

Bio RemeTM Septic consists of a wide variety naturally selected Anaerobic and Facultative bacterial consortium which is used to degrade organic waste from septic tanks, holding tanks and Portable toilets. BioReme Septic is are single celled microorganisms that are rapidly increase its population once they get waste which is food for microbes and stabilize natural degrading ecosystem inside the tank, these microbes are capable to withstand the cleaning agents like phenyl, chlorine bleach, caustic drain cleaners, disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaners, detergent, oil and grease and other chemicals.
Benefits of Bio Reme Septic:➢ Naturally restore biologic health to septic systems whose beneficial bacteria have been killed by the numerous household cleaning products in common use.➢ Keep septic lines and drain fields cleaner with reduced carryover of undigested organic debris.➢ When used properly, Septic Activator will biodegrade organic blockages in drain field lines, gravel leach pits and porous stone pit walls, and may be able to restore water flow, thereby saving the extensive costs of digging up and replacing a clogged drain field.➢ Reduce septic tank pump-outs.➢ Reduce foul odors emanating from the septic system.➢ Microbial digestion by BioReme is the simplest and cleanest way to reduce your septic tank waste and keep it working properly.➢ Suppresses harmful bacterial growth.➢ Reduce odour from Septic tank.➢ Reduce excess sludge generation.➢ Improve life span of septic tank filling.➢ Effective under most environment condition.➢ Easy to store, handle and transport.


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