Industrial Urea

Our product range includes a wide range of urea and dap(alternate) for etp/stp.

Urea and DAP(Alternate) For ETP/STP

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Product Brochure
Physical StatePowder
Packaging Size1 kg
Packaging TypeAluminium Foil
Ambient Temperature5 to 55

Minimum order quantity: 5 Kg

Bio RemeTM Dairy consists of a wide variety naturally selected isolated bacterial consortium which is used to degrade organic compounds from Dairy Industry. BioReme Dairy is blend of selected microbial species which are acclimatized and cultivated to degrade high BOD & COD, TSS and Fat oil & grease. These bacteria are very capable to handle and stabilize shock load due to continuous CIP process in Dairy industry. They are also able to work with wide range of PH and Temperature which is very common problem in dairy industry.

BioReme Dairy bacteria reduce the high lactose, fat oil and grease from waste water which further helps to reduce the accumulation and deposition of organic compound on the surface of the tank. The dairy industry involves transformation raw milk into products such as consumer milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, dried milk (milk powder), ice cream, and whey powders, lactose, using processes such as chilling, pasteurization, and homogenization. This waste water is simply diluted milk. Dairy waste water is highly biodegradable and Bio Reme Dairy helps to increase the BOD removal efficiency of biological systems. Different waste source through cheese, butter, apparatus and CIP sections contributes largely towards their high biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and oil and grease, PH and temperature as well much higher than the permissible limits. BioReme Dairy combination of bacteria able to reduce nutrients and to with stand high salinity levels due to using of salting activities in cheese production.

Benefits of Bio Reme Dairy:➢ Degrade high COD & BOD.➢ Rapidly increase in MLSS & MLVSS.➢ Degrade volatile fatty acid. ➢ Reduce foaming.➢ Suppresses harmful bacterial growth.➢ Reduce plant commissioning time.➢ Multiple strains of bacteria➢ Stabilize shock load.➢ Reduce odour from plant.➢ Reduce excess sludge generation.➢ Improve overall efficiency of the plant.➢ Effective under most environment condition.➢ Easy to store, handle and transport


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