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Micronutrients for ETP

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Physical StatePowder
Packaging Size1 kg
Packaging TypeAluminium Foil
Ambient Temperature5 to 55

Minimum order quantity: 5 Kg

Bio RemeTM Eco Pond is blend of highly active naturally occurring ecofriendly good bacteria which are absolutely essential for the survival of aquatic ecosystems as well as the creature both flora and fauna. They aid in decomposition of organic materials breakdown of waste substances and the cycling of nutrients in aquatic ecosystems, prevent buildup and stagnation in the water and also aid in oxidizing ammonia, nitrites and sulphides and sulphates improving quality of water. Ammonia forms when urease enzymes produced by various microbial strains, when they contact urea and uric acid from animal urine and water. Ammonia is also produced when proteins are degraded first to amino acids and then to ammonia. Ammonia, Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential to the growth of microorganism, plants, and animals, so that, they are known as major nutrients. They are the primary causes of eutrophication within surface waters. The negative sign of eutrophication is represented by low dissolved oxygen, fish kills, and depletion of desirable flora and fauna. Excessive amounts of these nutrients can also stimulate the activity of microbes, such as which can be potentially harmful to human health. 

Benefits of Bioreme Aerobic:➢ Degrade high COD & BOD.➢ Rapidly increase in MLSS & MLVSS.➢ Reduce foaming.➢ Suppresses harmful bacterial growth.➢ Reduce plant commissioning time.➢ Multiple strains of bacteria➢ Stabilize shock load.➢ Reduce odour from plant.➢ Reduce excess sludge generation.➢ Improve overall efficiency of the plant.➢ Effective under most environment condition.➢ Easy to store, handle and transport.


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